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born mngmt

BassOnRepeatNetwork is an artist focused organization which has its priority on a professional management and support of artists in the entertainment industry. They work and are strong connected with several partners in the industry all over the world. Their goal is, to work out strategies and plans for the artist’s career on his own way in a good and professional mood.

ben teufel

Ben Teufel: “MUSIC, MUSIC & MUSIC! The power which keeps my motor running. A world without music would be devastating for me! That’s why I spend most of my time working, listening and discovering new music. Mixing and producing for the last couple of years has become such a big part of my live and I truly enjoy every second of it. Continue reading “born mngmt”


MrRevillz – “Suit and Tie”

Trying to be cute mmm sorry I love dacing. This was one of my few experiments where I was trying to set up a dance video all by myself aigain (including filming, dancing, cutting, sound etc.). The song “Suit and tie” itself was including some nice sequences to be cut inbetween. I guess though this is not a professional thing it turned out quite cute and shows some of my technical knowing.. And it was fun, especially when I imagine someone could have been watching me during “producing”! Hahaha N’joy!



This one turned out even better, though there is still potential for some progress.

I felt like creating again a dancing video all by myself (including filming, dancing, cutting, sound etc.). “CHRVES – Lies” the mix was produced by selected, and just put over the whole sequence. The written text is “the sky is the limit” from dj antoine which is the actual song I am dancing along to in the recording.