Me & Music

Musig Pub TV brought me closer to musicians. Promos and performances brought me closer to music. Besides that I love doing interviews with standing-out musicians on Musig Pub TV, I enjoy performing musically myself just as well.

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Music means to me

“Deepest expression of feelings and emotions covered in creative spirit.”

Let’s be “objectively poetic” in this matter: I love singing. I love letting go of my feelings and fantasy by texting. Let my voice and words express what is being felt deep down under. I love to dance. Especially latin american dances such as salsa/bachata/merengue but I love dancing in general, I love making music – no matter what genre – as long as there is a rhytm I’ll be happy – I can play the transverse flute as well as the clarinet by notes and the piano by ears. I am more than curious about finding out how far empathic sensation can be reached by an artists artwork!