Versatility and harmony in collaboration should always be significant. Open to get involved in arty and promotional projects I’m always reaching out for opportunities to improve my skills in:

– advertising / PR
– social media / online marketing
– moderation / presentation
– visual arts: painting / drawing / photography / graphic design
– content-design and -management
– staging / acting / dancing / singing
– film/TV productions (on/off set)
– music productions (instrumental/vocal)
– fashion: art / design / journalism / event
– texting / writing / languages  

Speaking of languages: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to communicate in as many languages as possible? Since always this has been one central guideline of mine. I should be pretty able to manage communication in Swiss, German, English, French or Spanish language.  Looking foward to becoming better and learning some more!

♠ Drama

♠ Me & Music

♠ Visual Arts

♠ Promos & Performances

♠ Collabs