MrRevillz – “Suit and Tie”

Trying to be cute mmm sorry I love dacing. This was one of my few experiments where I was trying to set up a dance video all by myself aigain (including filming, dancing, cutting, sound etc.). The song “Suit and tie” itself was including some nice sequences to be cut inbetween. I guess though this is not a professional thing it turned out quite cute and shows some of my technical knowing.. And it was fun, especially when I imagine someone could have been watching me during “producing”! Hahaha N’joy!



This one turned out even better, though there is still potential for some progress.

I felt like creating again a dancing video all by myself (including filming, dancing, cutting, sound etc.). “CHRVES – Lies” the mix was produced by selected, and just put over the whole sequence. The written text is “the sky is the limit” from dj antoine which is the actual song I am dancing along to in the recording.